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Dr. Neeraj Adkar

Specialist On: Hip and Knee Surgeon
Phone No: (+91) 9822051881

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Dr.Neeraj Arun Adkar is a well known joint replacement surgeon from Pune. After completing his M.B.B.S. he did his D.Ortho from Bangalore & D.N.B. from K.E.M. Hospital Pune.

He did his fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery at Ahmedabad under the guidance of Dr.Vikram Shah. He then did his specialization in arthroscopic surgery from Barcelona, Spain. He has also completed a course on Joint Replacement Surgery using Computer Guided Navigation in Australia.

He worked as a replacement surgeon and was in-charge of replacement unit of Hardikar Institute of Orthopedics Pune .Till now he has performed more than 2000 Joint Surgeries.

He is currently working as consulting Replacement & Orthopaedic surgeon in Poona Hospital, Ruby Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital, Joshi Hospital and Ratna Hospital, Pune. He specializes in Knee Joint & Hip Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Surgeries. SaiShree Super Speciality & Joint Replacement Center is his own established hospital in Aundh area.

Other accomplishments:

1. Presented a paper in international conference of arthroplasty surgeons held at Florida (USA) on some interesting arthroplasty cases he had performed. The paper was appreciated by all.

2. Gave a live of demo of knee replacement for orthopedic surgeons at Bilaspur.

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