Outdoor Cooler Models


  Air Flow

  Tank Capacity

  Effective Area

  Power Consumption


  Noise Level


12000 CMH

60 Liters

80-100 sq. meter

550 Watts

220V-240V/50 Hz

54/58/63 DB


18000-22000 CMH

100 Liters

200-250 sq. meter

1100 Watts

220V-240V/50 Hz

54/58/68 DB


26000 CMH

130 Liters

200-300 sq. meter

880 Watts

220V-240V/50 Hz

66/68/70 DB


34000 CMH

350 Liters

400-500 sq. meter

1000 Watts

220V-240V/50 Hz

66/68/70 DB

About Desert Air Cooler

We Control Technologies FZE (CtrlTech) is based at SAIF Zone Sharjah and serving in all countries of Middle East. We are portable air cooler supplier in UAE. We are specialized in evaporative desert cooler Dubai. Our coolers are manufactured with high quality components to ensure highest reliability. We have air cooler having capacity of 6000 to 34000 cubic meter per hour airflow. We are one of the major evaporative air cooler manufacturer in Dubai. Desert cooler design offered by us for large spaces like warehouse, community hall etc., ensures maximum cooling with low energy consumption. As desert cooler specialist we offer right solution for your applications. All models of our Portable air cooler equipped with LCD control panel to set controls for speed, timer, pump on/off, lack of water LED.

Difference between Desert Air Cooler and Air Conditioner

  Energy Efficient

  Purchase & Operating Cost

  Enviromental Friendly

  Working Season

  Maintenance Cost

Desert Air Cooler




Dry Season


Air Conditioner




All Season


Features of Industrial Dehumidifier

Coffee Shop
Computer Shop
Fast Food

How Evaporative Air Cooler Works

Working principle of an evaporative portable air coolers is simple. It consisting you Fan, Fan motor, Cooling Pad, Pump and controller. Fan is attached directly to motor which sucks air through cooling pad. Pump continuously drops water at top of cooling pad so that cooling pad always wet and water film get form at cooling pad. Controller controls motor and fan. From controller one can switch on/off air cooler, set speed, switch on/off pump, set timer etc.

Working: When you switch on air cooler, fan motor start rotating and so as fan. Fan sucks air from back side which passes through wet pad.

Advantage of Desert Air Cooler

  • Low Running cost: Evaporative air cooler has 90% less operating cost than that of traditional refrigerant air conditioner.
  • Low Electricity Power requirement: Desert air cooler take low power than air conditioner.
  • Lower Peak Energy Requirement: Evaporative coolers has lower peak energy requirement which will give benefit of low cost wiring and these cooler can be use with solar energy also.
  • Desert cooler air conditioning has low maintenance cost than refrigerant type air conditioner.
  • Portable evaporative air coolers are more environment friendly than refrigerant type of air conditioner.